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Terms and Conditions

Scentalicious Supplies Terms & Conditions

Version 1.04 UPDATED 31/08/2020

As of 6/6/2019 , any orders paying Paypal and Credit Card will attract a fee.

Bank Deposit and Cash on Pickup is still NO FEE.

Using a Credit Card when picking up an order WILL attract a fee

These terms and conditions are set out by Scentalicious Supplies.

1) Insurance

- Insurance is offered as sometimes during transportation items can break.

- By not selecting insurance you are at risk if any damage caused during transportation.

- Insurance is able to be added via the cart, search "Insurance" to add it in the products menu

- All insurance claims must be made within 7 days of delivery, after this time it is not possible to claim, please check your goods when signing them in

2) Pre Ordering - (Process & Cancellation Fees)

- While we do not charge a fee to process your preorders, considerable time is spent to cancel an order, organise stock on the website to go back and other various admin tasks, this usually requires Naomi & Paul to remove orders and or replenish stock.

-For orders under $500 a $25 administration fee will be charged to cancel the order and for orders over $1000 a $40 administration fee will be charged. This is to recover time spent cancelling and potentially unpacking

- A Cancellation fee does NOT apply if orders are delayed on Scentalicious supplies end (EG due to shipping or stock control issues, a cancellation can then be offered at no charge.

3. RRP Guidelines

-By accepting the terms and conditions you accept that the RRP guidelines for goods need to be followed. This includes during sale times, we set a minimum RRP guide and these should be followed. Nothing stops you from selling over the RRP as many merchants do, this then allows you to have sale periods in which you can reduce warmers and items.

-If a breach is reported, we will follow it up with the merchant and try and resolving the issue, we do this to protect the industry and the brand of Scentalicious Supplies.

-Before cancelling an account we will make contact to discuss first, should this fail then we reserve the right to cancel any wholesale access.

3B. Over supplying in an area

We may find that we have too many customers in one area and to protect our brand we may end some wholesale agreements, but agreeing to our terms and conditions you understand that at anytime we may terminate the agreement of your access due to our relationships changing or evolving in a suburb. We reserve the right to cancel or restrict access.

4. Time Frames

- Most orders are usually shipped next business day, but you should be aware that it can be 2 business days before items are shipped via courier during peak times. Mondays are not included as a business day as Scentalicious Supplies is closed. This means ordering on a Friday afternoon, would see a courier booked potentially Tuesday afternoon, which may lead to a Wednesday morning pickup.

- Time frames on goods arriving can be effected by issues outside of our control. We will do the best to update you of any delays during this time, they can be unforeseen.

-Due to Covid there maybe some delays with shipping couriers. While most deliveries are back to normal, there is an increase in the network, please allow an additional 1-3 business days in some rare cases for deliveries from previous orders.

5. Warranty

Standard warranty on all Scentalicious Supplies items under ACCC is 12 months manufacturing.

How ever Scentalicious Supplies may call the items to be sent back to be inspected. You are expected to send the goods back at your own cost, if the goods are deemed to be faulty due to a manufacturing error, this you will be refunded the postage cost in accordance with ACCC guidelines, how ever if the goods are deemed to be faulty due to mis-use then we will not cover shipping nor return shipping of the item.

It is best to ask as many questions to your customer as you can to identify what went wrong and to contact Naomi before agreeing to replace any stock as if not faulty and you have agreed, this will come out of your stock.

A warranty is void if the product is deemed to have been mis-used

Light bulbs being classed as a consumable item do not carry a warranty, unless the customer can show without a doubt that they had not used the item (or had very limited use) this can usually also be shown with a stat dec.

All warranties provided for electric warmers.

6. Adding to order

Due to the volume of orders now being processed at Scentalicious Supplies, it is now no longer available to add onto an order once it has been ordered, this is due to the 100s of enquiries coming in each day, if you have forgotten anything, you will need to place a new and separate order.

7.Heavy (Bulky Orders)

From time to time you may order an amount in which shipping doesn't calculate, if this is the case please email or call Naomi for a shipping quote first. By placing the order you understand that using the "free" warehouse pickup option does not give you free shipping regardless if it's a $10 or $10000 order.

8.Post Codes that may be bother Metro AND Regional

In some cases post codes may be both regional and metro. If you are a Metro customer, the cheaper shipping option will be for you. If you are a Regional customer the higher shipping option will be for you. While we try and use providers and couriers with great service and pricing, these prices showing on checkout are unavoidable. Naomi may contact you for a shipping adjustment if you have selected the wrong shipping. Orders may not ship until you have paid the additional shipping.


By ordering from Scentalicious Supplies, it will be assumed that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions, it is advisable that when ordering to check the terms and conditions for any updates that may occur.


*CURRENT VERSION* as at 13/10/2019 Version 1.03

Started as Terms and Conditions as at 30/11/2017 Version 1.00